Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Social Media And Advertising (ACK!!!!)

   I've mentioned that I'm not the greatest with computers, right? Why then, would I choose to start writing a blog, which requires the internet, which requires a computer? Haha! Well, that's me for you. I felt like it. I didn't care if I knew what I was doing, I just felt like I needed to start writing again, and this seemed like a good way to get all those random thoughts and opinions that are rattling around in my head out there. I wasn't sure if I would keep up with writing this blog, and I wasn't even sure if anyone would read my inane ramblings. Who cares what I think?
   But my family has been really supportive! That was great. And then my friends and coworkers have also been super supportive, and that was great too! Then I started looking at the stats to my blog, and while I still have a small readership, there are too many page views to account for just my friends and family, so that meant other people were looking at my blog. And then people started occasionally commenting and/or shooting me messages through my blog's e-mail, and I was happy. Mostly those messages have been positive. Yay!
   I have always liked to write. For a while I was gonna write books, epic sci-fi, fantasy stories (and who knows, I still might) and then I moved to poetry, and all I can say is be glad that I gave that up. The world has enough bad poetry in it already. You don't even wanna see that. But I never, ever imagined something like writing a blog; partly because there weren't blogs when I was a kid (<----haha! I'm getting old) and partly because blogging is like having a public diary, and I never imagined having a good enough self-esteem to allow something like that. And partly, because I am slow to the social media stuff. I just started Facebooking maybe two years ago? Maybe three? Not more than that, though. And I tried to start a Twitter account once, and that shit just confused the hell out of me. I gave that up. I don't understand the sign-up process and all those questions and steps alarmed me. I have a Pinterest account that I never visit or use because I just don't understand the point of that. But even Facebook, which I now use avidly to keep in touch with all my friends and family  that live all over the states, has the power to confuse me. Usually I can work through that confusion, but there you have it: I am not social media savvy. So being the genius that I am, I was all like, I'm going to start a blog.
My Facebook profile picture. Not exciting, but good for now. 
   Okay, Marie, that didn't turn out too bad. I don't think I'm doing too badly, and Google Blogger is really easy to use. Set up was not difficult; and I was off. But then, I decide that I want to go for having people actually read my blog. So I have to look into ways to advertise my blog. Ack!!! What have I gotten myself into? So I have been learning that you can submit your url into search engines like Yahoo so that they will pull your website up on people's searches, and you can get your blog entered into blog databases like Technorati, so I do that, and for a while that's all I do. But I got ambitious on my last days off and looked around for more stuff to do. So I found BlogUpp, and that one is actually pretty easy. Also, it's kinda fun because I keep clicking the BlogUpp link to other people's blogs and looking at other people's blogs. I like that (<--dork, dork, I am a dork!!). Networked Blogs was a nightmare for me, and I'm pretty sure that I did that wrong, so I'm ignoring it. The link is on my page, hopefully it does what it is supposed too, and I am ignoring it with all my might. I cussed at it a lot too while I was setting it up. But the worst thing was (dun-dun-duuun) setting up a Facebook page for my blog, which is linked off to the top corner. That was a nightmare. I've set one up before, right, so what is the problem? The problem is that I am a dumbass. The page is up and running, but I think that I am done with trying to promote this blog for a while. I do like the fact that people are reading it (THANKS!!!) and, sure, I'll get ambitious again, but for now, Facebook gave me bad dreams. Social media is scary; I need a cookie now. And a bottle of whisky.
My cover photo on Facebook. My mom took this pic at Ocean Shores. I use a lot of my mom's photo's in this blog, and a lot of my own. 

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