Thursday, July 11, 2013

I Thought The Nightmare Was Over....

I know that I have a coworker/friend who is going to read this title and think that this is another blog about those crappy-ass registers that I keep getting assigned too, but this is worse than that. This isn't about registers, or work at all. This is about (insert dramatic pause here) immunizations. As in my daughter finally needs her next immunizations, which when they told me, back when she was five, that she wouldn't need more until she was eleven, I was ecstatic. That was forever! But that day is now here, six short, short years later.
   I was always that mom when the time came for those nightmarish shots. You know, the mom who flinched as the needle came closer and closer to her precious baby. I always left the doctor's office just a little teary-eyed. I'm sure they loved me, but what can you say? They were sticking sharp, pointy objects into my little baby girl. It's a horrible ordeal, and then your baby feels rotten for a couple days after and you are checking temps and  making sure nothing funky is going on with the injection sites, because there are multiple sites. Usually when babies go to get their shots, they give them three or four at once. I'm not sure why they don't space them out a little? Wouldn't that make recovery easier? But then maybe that just prolongs the misery? Who knows. All I know is that I don't like watching someone stick sharp, pointy objects into my daughter.
   But I am not one of those parents who are against immunizations. They protect your child. I had another mom ask me once why I let my daughter be tortured (tortured? That seems extreme, even to teary-eyed me) and said she was taking her child to a chicken pox party, where they deliberately expose their kids to chicken pox. Okay, folks, I don't like to pull up research, so I am going to let you look this up and find the info on your own, but statistically speaking, more children have died from chicken pox than from the vaccine for chicken pox. And what would we do without that polio vaccine? This doesn't seem reasonable to me. I'm sorry if you are one of the parents that agree with this, because I just can't. Sure, I do agree that they should continue to do research on these vaccines, and make them as safe as possible, but to not give them at all?
She used to have a Florida one, but they switched the card when we moved up here.
   Nevertheless, I am not looking forward to my daughter getting this TdaP booster. She is older now, so hopefully she will just be hugely embarrassed by her mother breaking down, and not break down herself. And I put off the appointment as long as possible, but I had to make the call today. Time is running out. She needs this booster by the time school starts, and for the last two weeks of August, we are going to be in Yellowstone, so I need to get this shot done.
   So we have an appointment Tuesday to see the doctor. Since I am taking her to a new doctor, they have to examine her first, and they may be able to give her the shot then, or I might have to make another appointment for that. I hope we can do the booster shot then and just get the nightmare over with, but who knows? But Tuesday morning, you all know what I will be doing. I dread Tuesday; I'm not ready!!! My daughter is going to be fine, and is rolling her eyes at me as I type, but I:
I feel the need to curl into a fetal position. 

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