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   I am a single working mom (as the title of the blog implies) who has worked in the retail field for 12 years now. I have been a clerk in a video store, worked in a tanning salon, grocery (as cashier, produce associate, floral, melon bar, customer service desk, carts, and office) and  I have been a waitress. I have an AAS degree in Library Information and Services and a BA in Health and Human Services. Yes, I still work in retail for many reasons, the largest being that I need a certain schedule, health benefits, and a retirement program.
   I have one child, who is in middle school, and I also have a niece and nephew who are both in elementary school; I am very close to both, and was actually the labor coach for the birth of my nephew, which led me to swear off being a labor coach for all of eternity.
   I started this blog because I love to write, and a blog seemed like a good way to put my writing into practice. This is my place to share my opinions, ideas, stories, and random paranoia (furbies! ghosts! lice!)
  Happy reading and I hope that you enjoy what you find in these blog posts.
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