Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Evil Furbies

   So Christmas is over and all of the presents are unwrapped and my daughter is comparing loot with my niece and nephew. Since we live in the same household for the time being, my sister and I share Christmas present plans so that we can do comparable Christmases for our kiddos. We don't want the Christmases to be unbalanced.

It's pissed; we're in trouble now. 
   Well, this Christmas my sister decided to get her kids furbies. She's been obsessed with the creepy things since her own childhood, and when they started making them again, she had to share her furby mania  with her children. Sometimes we do matching gifts, if we know that the kids will all like the gift. However, I did not want to get a furby so I opted for a gift of a fancy blue stuffed bear from the Build-A-Bear workshop, complete with a few outfits so that my daughter can dress her bear up in differing fashions. And my daughter loves her bear, she really does. But.... she also loves the furby and I can tell that she wants one too. And I have an irrational fear of toys that can develop their own personalities. Oh hell yeah, because furbies do develop personalities based on the way that you treat them and interact with them.
This little furby could be hiding profound supernatural strength.
   How is this a good idea??? Am I the only person who ever watched Chucky? What if the furby's personality decides to be demonic? I can't handle that. I can't handle demon toys; they scare the crap out of me. What am I supposed to do when the little bugger decides that it wants to kill us all? What if it starts chanting in tongues and begins summoning Hell into my very own living room? It has no arms, so it's powers are probably going to border on the supernatural, and I thought knife-wielding dolls were bad. Sure, the thing is smaller than a cat, but small things can be powerful. You should never underestimate the power of the small; they are strong in mind. And yes, the thing does have a reset button, that you can press if you do not like the emerging personality, but if the furby develops evil, demonic, supernatural abilities, do you really imagine that you are going to get close enough to press that button? I don't think so. It's going to protect itself, and you are going to be the first to die. Great. Good job, sister. Our lives, our very souls are in danger, and so I wrote this blog.  Now, when we all don't show up for work, everybody will know that the furbies are responsible. 


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  2. That's REALLY scary. My friend had one, and it scared the crap out of both her and me....This is why I'm telling my mom NEVER to buy me a furby. Those things are so scary. Now then, if you don't mind I think I'll go check my closet and lock my door.

    1. why would you do that they cant walk

  3. I want a furby but just in case I am looking up evil furby stories