Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Do-It-Yourself Drama

   Since the new move, because I was moving out of a shared apartment, I don't have much furniture. Due to my refusal to buy used furniture because that unknown furniture might be demonic or possessed, all of that furniture has been new. And because I need to save money, all that furniture has been the kind that comes in a box, and you put it together yourself.
   So I have been building furniture for the last week, and let me tell you, the room clears when I am building something. Nobody wants to be there. This is not a new phenomenon either; I have built a lot of my mother's things. And nobody stays in the same room when I have a do-it-yourself project out.
   Not really a secret, but I have a bit of a potty mouth. I actually try to curb this potty mouth tendency on my blog, and make a point not to drop f-bombs in my writing, but when I am building something, the f-bombs fly. Along with every other expletive that comes to mind. As well as a tendency to snap if you breath too hard. In short, everybody leaves for good reason.
I built the chairs, bookcase, and media stand. 
   But usually I only seldom have a do-it-yourself project. Mostly, my family buys our shit built and ready to go. The need to save money, however, has driven me to do-it-yourself extremes. I have built, in the past couple of weeks a bookshelf, media tower, entertainment stand, shoe rack, and two living room chairs. I have waiting to be built: two rocking chairs and a desk chair. My table has not been purchased yet, but will probably be something that I have to build. And all this do it yourself has caused some amount of injury. I've talked about the nail that made me wish I was a fish, but I've also had the media tower fall and bonk me on the noggin, smashed my finger with a hammer, and of course, dropped power tools and screw drivers on my poor unsuspecting feet. These accidents will happen in the world of building your own shit to save a few bucks.
Did not build the TV, are you kidding me? But I did build the stand that it's on.

   So my ka-ka mouth may be running a little wild these days, but hey, it's all in the privacy of my own home, right? And stuff that I build, it does stay built. I have never had a problem with my projects falling apart. I have had problems with crappy-ass directions that cause me to have to undo half of the damn project and reassemble, because that shit was NOT clearly explained, but once the project is finished, it stays built. Plus, I mean, have you looked at the costs of assembly and delivery? I did pay to have my daughter's huge, elaborate bed built, because having her sleep five feet in the air on something that I put together was too nerve-racking, and that cost me an extra hundred altogether, and then my mom went and gave the dude a tip. You have to tip these people??? I think we can deal with my potty mouth for the rest of the stuff I need. Let the do-it-yourself drama continue. 

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