Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A Bad Day

   Ever had one of those pulling-out-your-hair days, where everything that can go wrong, does go wrong? One of those days when shit you never even imagined going down is going down and you are just dumbfounded? The events of the day don't even make sense and you just want to go to bed and forget the stupid day ever happened at all; ever had one of those?
   Being as you are human, and living in the world, I am going to assume that you have. Everybody's had one of those days, right? No one has a perfect life; no matter how good your life is, you are going to have an off day every once in a while.
   Well, a few days ago I had one of those days, at work, so I couldn't even take comfort in curling up in my bed and ignoring the hell out of everything. I had to pay attention. This is one of the many dangers of having a steady job. Sometimes you just have to suck it up and be a big girl.
   Anyway, there were no ominous portents at the beginning of the day, and sometimes, there are. You know there are, so if you are shaking your head at me for being superstitious, just stop now. Sometimes you wake up, and things start going wrong from the moment you pull your feet out from under the covers and put them on the ground, and you just know that the day is gonna be full of suckyness.
   This was not one of those days. I was sucker punched by this day, which actually made the day even worse, because I was not braced for it. I just went to work, and expected I would have the usual time. Except that when I told my first customer his order total, and he handed me a wad of money that was all crumpled and sloppy, he totally bitched me out for being OCD when I straightened the cash. Excuse me??? First of all, smoothing out your money so that I can actually put it in the slot is not a sign of OCD. It's a sign that no cashier can put money that's been wadded into a ball into her drawer; that's what it's a sign of. Second of all, Obsessive Compulsion Disorder is a mental illness, so if I was OCD, I wouldn't be able to help that, and this customer's obnoxious bitching wouldn't make any difference. Obnoxious bitching, however, is completely optional, and you can choose not to engage in this particular activity. Funny how that works.
   After that customer, I got fully chewed out for not taking the wrong items on a WIC check. You see, WIC checks specifically list the items that you can get, and the type and brands. I have mentioned this before, but just to be clear, if your WIC check says that you can get either 2%, 1%, or non-fat milk, then those are the only types of milk that I can give you. I can't give you lactose-free whole milk. WIC will reject the check when they review it, and then I will have a shortage in my drawer, which I can get fired for, FYI.
   As if all of that wasn't enough, I had a woman come through and she was demanding that I call her husband on the phone and tell him to come in and help her with her groceries. After I explained that we could not call out from the checkstands, she wanted me to pull out my cell phone and call him. We are not allowed to have our cell phones on the floor, so I couldn't oblige her. Then she asked for someone to help her with her groceries, so I (at this point) grudgingly called for help, thinking she wanted help out to the car. Nope. She wanted my coworker to pull our her cell phone and call the husband. Are you kidding me, here!!!??? As my coworker looked at me, dumbfounded, I just hoped that she understood that I didn't realize this loony-tune was gonna ask her to make calls for her. Really, this is something else that we can lose our job for, so I felt justified in my feeling that the customers were conspiring to get me fired. And, really, if you needed your husband that much, why did he wait outside in the car and not come in with you? How does that make sense to you?
    The day seemed to go on in a manner similar to these few examples, and I wanted to just start screaming, and keep screaming until I blew my throat out, but you can't engage in that type of activity at work. Acting like you are batshit crazy while on the clock is frowned upon.
   Obviously, as this happened a few days ago, I survived the day without the loss of my job, or criminal convictions, or being institutionalized, but this was a very close call. So if you find yourself going through a day like this, know that you are not alone. I have been there; we have all been there. Try to leave your hair attached to your scalp, take deep breaths, and fantasize about choking fools, by all means, but don't act on that fantasy. Because you will survive, and when you finally get the chance to curl up and go to sleep and forget that the stupid day ever happened, you want to do this in your own bedroom, and not in a jail cell.
Have a good day and be happy!!!!

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