Tuesday, January 1, 2013

To My Daughter: Words for the New Year

I believe that if you're old enough to ask;
Then you are old enough for an answer.
So I promise always to answer your questions;
Even if the answers scare me. 
I believe in the power of critical thinking,
And the power of knowledge;
So I promise to arm you with information.
I also believe that some things are beyond science,
So I promise to teach you about the need to have an open-mind,
So that you can understand some things are real even if your senses can't prove their existence;
And that you believe in them because you have faith.
I promise to accept that you are different then myself;
And so I will never stand in your way or hold you back;
But I will help you to build your life's foundation,
So that you can weather every storm that touches your life and still stand strong. 
I believe in discipline,
So I will punish you when necessary in order to teach you right from wrong;
So that you can develop morals,
And learn that there are consequences for every action. 
I also believe in praise, 
So I promise to let you know when I am proud of you,
When you have done something smart or kind or good,
So that you know that good behavior has rewards.
I believe in respecting others and their beliefs,
So I promise to teach you the value of respecting others,
And to instill in you the belief that every person matters,
Even if they are different from you.
I promise that we will both make mistakes, 
And when you make a mistake I will stand beside you,
And help you make it right again;
And when I make a mistake I promise that I will admit to them;
Apologize and make them right,
So that you can learn that nobody is perfect,
But that this is okay so long as you keep learning and growing as a person.
I promise that there will be times when I am unbelievably mad at you;
But I also promise that I will never love you less, no matter what. 
I promise that there are times that I will be incredibly proud of you,
And when the time comes that you need to take your own path,
I will let you go.
But I also promise that my path will always run alongside yours,
And that they will intersect again and again;
And that I will always be there when you need me.  
I believe that because my actions gave you your life,
That my responsibility is to love, guide, and teach you;
So that one day you will be a better person than myself,
And I believe that my job doesn't stop just because you've reached a certain age;
You will always be my daughter at every age, even when you are old and grey. 
And I accept that responsibility and promise that every action that I take
Is with this responsibility in my mind and love in my heart.

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