Friday, March 1, 2013

The Dolls With Big Eyes

They are looking at me. 
   I was vacuuming my apartment, a shocker, I know, but I have company coming so I wanted everything to be nice. I started on my daughter's bedroom, and something was bothering me. I was jumpy and kinda freaked, but at first I wasn't sure why. Then it hit me. The dolls. Their eyes were following me all around the room. Everywhere I moved, those big eyes seemed to be looking straight at me.
   Ever tried vacuuming a room under that kind of stress? Not easy, but I know myself, and I know that no freaky doll eyes are really following me. I can't shake the feeling of being watched though, and I keep glancing nervously at the dolls, which sit on my daughter's desk. My daughter has a workstation bed, which is similar to a bunk bed, but with a desk area on the bottom instead of a lower bunk, and the bed on top, which is full size. She sleeps, every single night, with these dolls right beneath her. And the fact that she has placed them on her precious desk means that they have some value to her, so I can't go chunk them in the trash bin outside, which has crossed my mind.
The root of this fear. 
   Besides, they aren't doing anything right now, but what if throwing them in the trash bin sets them on a murderous rampage? Nuh-uhh! I am not messing with those dolls, but I don't take my eyes off of them the entire time I am vacuuming the room. And I am glad that my daughter is not here to witness her mother's fruit cake freak-out. Because I know good and well that there is nothing alive about those  dolls, and their eyes just seem to be following me because doll makers use big ass eyes in dolls. The problem in not the dolls. The problem is that I watched Chucky to many damn times. But I love to be freaked out, and I can never seem to help myself when I come across a scary movie. I have to watch it. This is the price that  I pay, I guess. I have to freak out about things like murderous dolls, evil furbiespossessed furnituregremlins, and witch's knifes. I need to stop watching all that supernatural mumbo-jumbo, but I can't help myself! I have two freak-out flicks planned to watch with my sister this very night, and I'm just gonna ignore those big-eyed dolls in the next room. Bring on the fear!!!

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