Friday, March 22, 2013

Sick And Tired Of Being Sick And Tired

   There are just some things that should not be shared. I could be all crazy and start listing random things like herpes, dog breath, details about your crusty, calloused foot, but I won't, because today, I want to talk about the cold germ. Now, I understand that sometimes you just can't stay home. My work would have a shit fit if I called out every time I caught a cold. But there are times that you can keep from contaminating the innocent person next to you (or the one having to ring up your groceries and take your money *hint, hint*).
   See, I know that sometimes you just need to stock your fridge; you've been sick for a week and your kids are fixing to skin and eat the family pet if you don't get some food in the house. Been there, trust me. And I do go to work with a cold, because my mom never let me stay home from school when I only had a cough. Not calling out over minor illnesses is something that has been engraved into my behavior, but the thing here is that I do everything possible to prevent the passing of germs to my customers. I do the 'vampire cough', ya'know, the one where you cough into the crook of your elbow, instead of your hands, which touch everything; then I pour on the hand sanitizer and make sure I'm coated up to my elbows. Plus I always turn away from my customers so that I am not coughing over their food or in their faces. So I don't think that it's much to ask that the same courtesy is applied towards me.
   What does this mean? This means please don't lean over the counter and cough in my face, which one extremely ragged and dirty looking man once did to me. I don't know if this is related or not, but about a week or two later, I came down with a monster cold that lasted a whole 3 weeks. That's a mighty big coincidence. Also, this means not wiping your dripping nose with your bare hand and then grab your money and hand that contaminated cash to me with the same hand. That would be super nice. Another thing that you shouldn't do is crook your finger at me to come closer, so that I lean over the counter only to have you whisper to me that you have laryngitis, all the while bathing my face in your disease-ridden breath. And to top it off, be purchasing a paperback and some gossip magazines and no food or medicine in sight??? Not even necessities there, and BAM!!!!! I'm sick for a month.
   I'm not saying stay out of the store, as I said, I go to work when I'm sick. I have to pay rent and buy food and give my daughter money for those stupid fund raisers, so I know that cooping yourself up in the house for the duration of your illness is not feasible. I know that. But I never try to purposely make someone ill (okay, no one except my sister, because that shit is funny and it's payback for all the daycare germs she exposes me to.) And really, what else does all this behavior seem like? Seems like purposeful contamination to me. 

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