Monday, September 23, 2013

Something For The Football Fans (To Mock Me With)

   I have never been into sports. Maybe it's just because I can't understand why a bunch of people want to spend a significant amount of valuable time chasing a ball around, or maybe all my interest is eaten up by my kid, books, and video games. Whatever the reason, that doesn't change the fact that almost every friend I have is a huge football fan, nor does the fact change that every Sunday during football season, my news feed on Facebook fills with football chatter. Not that I am complaining, so don't think that at all, but some of the chatter is stuff that I just don't always understand right away, and that is what this post is going to be about, so don't go away thinking this is a football hating post. This is a Marie-mocking post.
Do they live next to Whoville?
   First, we are going to talk about some Southern friends and their fave team of all time. For a while, I really didn't understand all this Who Dat, randomly posted on my news feed. Of course they sometimes posted Who Dat with a symbol, but honestly, I didn't recognize the symbol. I don't even know the names of most of the teams. And all I could help thinking was that the Who Dat's sounded like something from Dr. Seuss, maybe a town next to Whoville. A sign of all that book reading I do, I am sure. Now that some time has passed, and I've seen the phrase in context,  I understand that this is a phrase for the Saints, but at first, this really was what  I was thinking. I was baffled.
  Then we have the 'dirty birds.' Don't even know who that is, even now, but what I think of is all those crows and seagulls fighting over the trash in our complex dumpster. Have you ever seen a crow attacking the trash? They can get  really creative; they grab a bag of trash, fly up into the air, and let it go. Which often breaks the bag open and trash flies out all over the road. Then the seagulls swoop in and start picking over people's thrown out food, fighting the crows for moldy bread and pizza crusts. I have actually seen them do this, and the garbage looks worse than if a dog had gotten into the dump, especially when the bag snags a tree on the way down, and then you have trash on the ground and up in the freaking tree. So that's my thoughts on dirty birds: trash diving crows and seagulls. I still think of that when  I see dirty bird posts; I can't seem to stop myself.
  Finally, a more recent one was the recent Seahawks game, that happened weekend before last, and everyone was on my news feed praising the '12th Man'. Yeah, I thought that was actually a position, like a quarterback or something. Then I find out that it's something about fans being really loud. Okay. You all like loud people? Come hang out with my sister; she breaks the sound barrier on a regular basis. Loud, louder, LOUDEST.
   I'm sure that football is great; so many people like the game that I have to just be missing something. But I just continually miss whatever that something is. We all know my brain is wired on video games and books, so maybe I just missed the football fan gene. But continue posting your football stats, and I'll continue to post my dorky book and video game stats, and we'll all get along great and laugh at each other. 

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  1. Lol I love you Marie <3 Who Dat!!