Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Giving In: The New Computer And Why I Am Already Baffled

   My last computer rant was a while ago, but to recap, I basically ranted on about the taped-together wreck that was functioning as my laptop. But money is tight, and I didn't want to dip into my vacation funds to replace what was a very expensive computer that I just feel should have lasted longer, although I have been told that for a laptop, my taped together mess of circuits and wires actually lasted longer than normal. Why the hell to they cost so damn much then, is what I want to know, but I digress.
   The real purpose of the new post is to rant about the new computer that I bought. This laptop, although I guess technically the thing is considered a notebook, whatever the hell difference that is, was a lot cheaper than my last laptop, yet it still cost more than my PS3 did. Go figure. (I like my PS3 better, by the way.) The damn thing is a lot smaller, however, so I started calling it the baby laptop, and it has no disk drive. But I can handle that because there are slots for flashdrives, so  I can save my work. Whatever the size, the baby computer is a lot faster that my wreck-of-a-laptop-that-let-me-down. But my real complaint is not the computer, I actually think it's a good little baby computer; my real complaint is this Windows 8 shit.
   Oh. My. God. Have you ever worked with that system? I don't even understand the way things work anymore.  For starters(<---haha!), I don't have a start button anymore, which was one of the main ways that I accessed programs that  I didn't have shortcuts to. How do I access them now?
   Well, there are these little squares all over my screen called tiles, which is not the shortcuts on the desktop, which has to be accessed from the tile screen by the desktop tile, and they link to all my stuff. Except that for some reason, they keep opening randomly on their own when I am trying to blog or scroll down on facebook. I can't understand why, but all of the sudden, I am off of the internet and I am staring, dumbfounded, at some blue screen with the image of a picture in lighter blue on it while a load sign wheels around and around. And then somehow I am in my pictures, except I didn't want to be here in the first damn place.
   So I have to push my arrow into the corner of the screen, and since I haven't been able to figure out how to pin my Google Chrome shortcut to the (wait for it ---->) Charm menu, I have to go all the way back to the tile page and then I can hit the Chrome tile and get back to where I never wanted to leave.
   Don't even get me started on Charms.... Too late; I'm going there. Lets talk charms. As in charms should only be spells cast in D & D type games when you are playing a spell caster, which I usually never do. True to character, I like to play beserkers. In other words, I don't care for charms, and I certainly don't like things on my computer being named after them, and they are as much a pain in the ass to use on Windows 8 as they are to cast in an RPG. They keep popping up all over the damn place and they don't work right half the time. Sorry, your cast failed.
   All I can say about Windows 8 is that the navigation is not intuitive; I keep ending up in strange and unknown places, and often, I can't figure out how to get back to that place once I have managed to escape. So if I end up looking at something that looks neat, I better mess with it while I am there, because there is a good chance I'll never see it again.
   Maybe this system is really great for some brilliant computer wiz, but for me, this system is a fail. But now I'm stuck with it, and like my former travesty of a computer, I am going to make this one last until the screen is popping off and parts are taped on with duct tape. I hate putting money out on computers; on the other hand, however, the new PS4 is coming out soon. I would dearly love to put some money down on that. Happy thoughts, Marie, happy thoughts. 

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