Wednesday, September 4, 2013

5 AM In The Freaking Morning

   Vacation came and went, and I still plan to do some blogs about that, but I came back from vacation with an unwelcome addition: the mega-cold of despair. So I have been fighting that, as well as working some extremely busy Labor Day shifts, and getting ready for the first day of school. Which happened to be scheduled for three days after I got back, meaning that time was running out for me to have everything ready. So I have been losing my mind due to illness, work, and lack of time; a feeling that every parent will be familiar with, I am sure.
   And the first day of school was today for my daughter, because school in this area starts in September and not in August, like so many places. My daughter loves school, and anxiously awaited this day, mad for this day to be here. She had 'plans'. Friends to reunite with, clubs to join, honor choir, teachers to meet, she was excited about all of everything that comes with school.
   I, however, have dreaded this day. Not because I am not mentally prepared to have a child in Middle School, or Junior High, whatever you want to call it, although, I am NOT mentally prepared for this, but because her bus comes at 6:30. What is wrong with that, you ask? Well, I'll tell you. That means I have to be up at 5 AM in the freaking morning!!! 
   If you are an early bird, and I know some of you are, that is no problem, I suppose. But I have never claimed to be an early bird; in fact, I am the total opposite of an early bird. I am a night owl. I hate the ass-crack of dawn. That is an God-awful time to be awake, and you early birds can have that damn worm; I'd rather have my pillow. I hate sunrise; I hate the sun. Do you begin to see my problem here?
   When she went to elementary school, I had to get up at seven, and I thought that was bad enough. I thought that was a sacrifice. Before she was born, I worked only night shifts. Now I am a damned day shifter, and who the hell ever saw that coming??? Not me, I can assure you.
   I have been dreading this day with all my soul, and before me, I see a vast expanse of 5 am wake-up calls. But what can a mother do? We all make sacrifices. But all I can say is this: the first time she gets all teenage angst-y, and goes all drama queen on me, and starts screaming at me that "I have ruined her life forever!" like all teenage girls do at some point or another, I am bringing this 5 am shit up. 5 am might be natural for some people, but for me, this is a decidedly unnatural time, and I don't enjoy changing my feathers. 

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