Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Don't Just Worry About Your Girls, Worry About Your Boys Too

   I just finished reading something that infuriated me: something that had a mom stating that she had to worry more about her girls. Apparently, boys don't come home pregnant. Well, that's so, a male can't carry a baby. But a girl can't get herself pregnant. I've posted about this before, but this issue just continues to crop up. People continue to tell me that I need to worry about my daughter in regards to this. It's not that I really disagree, I do worry about my daughter and her future. My issue is that the moms and dads of boys need to be worrying about this just as much as the moms and dads of girls.
   I have a girl. And if that girl comes home sixteen and pregnant, I will know who the father is. If I have to find a way to get paternity tests for the entire stinking neighborhood, I will find the father. And then that father, he is going to man up and take responsibility. He's sixteen, and still in school? Well, I don't give a fuck. My daughter will be getting child support, so get that boy a job. My grandchild will be getting support from dear-old-dad, so it's time for him to grow the hell up.
   Of course, I hope to hell that this never, never happens. My daughter has already expressed the ideal of waiting for marriage, and you can bet your ass that this single mom is doing everything in her power to encourage that. But the point here is that boys are teenage parents too. Boys go out and drink too much and get themselves into stupid situations. Boys can be kidnapped, molested, raped, just as easily as girls can. Why do parents of boys think that they have less to worry about? They don't.
    I don't have a boy. My plan is to not have more children, but I am aware that people's desires and circumstances can change. I can still have kids, still far from being too old for that, so say I do met someone, and we get married (not doing the single mom bit again, thank you), say that happens and we decide to have a kid, and that kid is a boy. Let me ever find out that my boy fathered a child and then walked away from that responsibility. Let me find out. Ya'll will all enjoy seeing me on the evening news, after  I go ape-shit on that boy. And then, that future-imaginary-boy of mine is going to not only pay up, but he will also do what he needs to do to be a part of that child's life.
   And I've been living in the real world long enough to know that the sickos and pervs out there don't only target little girls. We all know that they are just as happy to target boys as well, so a boy has every bit as much a chance of becoming a victim to a sexual predator as a girl. Boys can drink to much at some teenage party, pass out, and be taken advantage of. This isn't a condition that only affects girls. Boys and girls alike can make piss-poor decisions and drink and drive, or text and drive, or drive while high. Neither sex has the corner on that bit of stupidity.
   There are an ass-ton of reasons out there to worry about in regards to your kids, and none of them are gender specific, NONE OF THEM. Parents of boys have every bit as much reason to worry as the parents of girls; stop acting like they don't. 


  1. Great share, I wrote a post about touching on similar topic a while back. I don't understand how some parents feel they should worry more about a girl than a boy smh. Again great share ;)

    1. Thanks for reading :) I have always had an issue about this. It's good to know that other people do as well.