Sunday, June 2, 2013

Ummmm, Sorry To Burst Your Bubble, But Boys Can Be Teenage Parents Too

   Okay, I have had enough. If one more person tells me that they are glad they don't have a girl because they don't have to worry about her getting pregnant, I am going to explode. The last time I checked, the human species does not reproduce asexually. Meaning that all kids have two parents. Meaning that out there for every teenage mom, there is either a teenage dad, or some statutory rapist is on the prowl. Unless you think all teenage mothers go to the clinic and get artificially inseminated? If so, let us know what clinic they are using, because we need to shut that shit DOWN.
   But the truth is, boys are teenage parents just as much as girls are. So Moms, shame on you for saying this, because moms are sure enough the ones I hear this the most from. What lessons are you teaching your sons each time this garbage comes out of your mouth? Oh, it's okay to walk away from your children because you have a penis? That doesn't fly with me. I know that this attitude doesn't fly with my sister. If my nephew starts running around knocking girls up, he better get some jobs lined up, because she's gonna drag him to the courthouse and get child support and visitation set up herself if he won't do it on his own. But likely, he won't need her to do this, because she is not raising him that way.
   We have a whole shitload of deadbeat dads in this country. We need to stop saying bullshit like this, because if you run around mouthing off this kind of swill, you are part of the problem. My whole rant for today is founded on a woman telling me that she never realized that she would have to help her kids out with  their kids, because she had boys so she didn't think she would have to deal with single parent issues. Um, excuse me? So what exactly where you expecting? You could argue that she expected them to stay married, but then why would she say that she didn't expect to deal with single parent issues because she had all boys? That doesn't sound like a marriage issue; that sounds like she expected that the moms would have the kids and her sons would have little to no responsibilities for them. That's what that sounds like to me.
   So just an FYI to all of you with boys, don't expect this bullshit from me. I have talked the 'safe sex' talk with my daughter, and I have had the 'wait until you are married' talk, and I've talked about how hard being a single mom is and how being a mom, married or single, changes your whole life so that you need to wait until you are ready for that change. But if she does end up as a pregnant teenager, and no one claims responsibility for their half of pregnancy, you can bet that I am going to be getting some court orders for paternity tests for every boy she has had contact with if I need to. You can bet that there will be child support and visitation, because she won't have gotten into that mess alone. Somewhere, some guy was whispering "Baby, I love you" in her ear, and they are gonna take care of their responsibilities. So if your boy knocks my daughter up, don't be sitting there thinking your son won't have responsibilities.
   Hopefully this will never have to happen with my daughter, because we talk about everything, and she's a smart enough girl to learn from her mom's mistakes and hardships, but even if this doesn't happen to her, my point is that this shouldn't happen AT ALL. We shouldn't have this attitude. And guys, I know that this doesn't apply to all of you. There are a lot of you that are excellent fathers, and there are some super crappy moms out there, but you have to admit that society does not view teenage fathers in the same light as teenage mothers, or even single fathers the same as single mothers. Women get a bad rap when it comes to this baby stuff, but my point it, this baby stuff takes two. Lets start laying half of that responsibility where it belongs. 

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