Thursday, May 30, 2013

Kid Talk

   Kids say the funniest things, often when they are not trying to be funny at all. I try to remember some of the funnier ones because I like to get out the memory and have a chuckle over it all over again. These  are three funny incidents that I overheard the kids saying, and thought that I would share. These conversations come from my daughter, niece, and nephew.

1. While we were dropping off stuff at a storage unit that my sister used to have, I was waiting in the car with the kids so that we didn't have to pull all the troops out just to have them get in the way of loading stuff into the unit. The girls were in the backseat and my daughter was playing with a care bear toy and my niece was playing with an Ariel toy. They were trying to convince the other of which one was the best character.
  "Ariel lives under that water and she gets to swim and play with Flounder and sing."
  "But care bears live in the clouds and they play on rainbows and have cloud cars and they go around the world and spread caring." (We have the old episodes of care bears, so if it sounds like the old school care bears, that's because that's what she got to watch.)
  "But Ariel gets to marry Eric, and you just get to marry old Grumpy Bear."
   Can't really beat that argument, can you?

2. We were eating at Burger King, sitting by the window. My nephew and daughter actually have the 'window seats' and they are avidly looking out, because there is a huge flock of crows outside. All of the sudden, all the crows take off at once and my nephew says at almost a whisper, in the most awed voice I have ever heard him use, "Wow. Zombie crows."
   That boy takes after my own heart with the zombie crows, and he has also happened to watch too much Resident Evil with his auntie (me).

3. Have you ever seen that commercial for the show, I think it's called Adventure Time, but I might be confusing it with something else that is on Cartoon Network, and they ask over and over again whether you like things? Do you like dogs? Do you like cats? And they ask these questions in a sort of a rhythm? Well, that commercial was on the other day, and I decided that I needed to continue to aggravate my daughter with it, so after it was over, I continued to ask her whether or not she liked random things. I finally thought of chickens, so I asked, "Do you like chicken?"
   Exasperated by my inane questioning, she snaps "NO. I only like them when they are dead and I get to eat them."
    Carnivore. Guess she isn't gonna be signing up for PETA.

   That concludes my sharing of random things that the kiddos in my life have said. I'm sure there is more, but frankly, I am mainly writing this blog because the time is 7:40 p.m., and I am insanely tired. However, I have to work tomorrow, and I know my sleeping habits. So I know that if I go to bed now, I will wake up at midnight, and not be able to get back to sleep until around 6 And I have to get up at 7 to get the kiddo ready for school and then I have to stay up so that I can go to work. So this is my 'I am tired but can't go to bed yet so I need to keep occupied' blog post. Thanks for reading it!

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