Monday, May 19, 2014

You've Been Slimed (The Pink-Eye Blog)

   My daughter never caught pink-eye. I think that this is due to the fact that she was kept home in her toddler years, instead of being exposed to a class of other kids, all of whom do not understand personal boundaries. Nor did my daughter at that age, and once she actually pulled her Nanny's (what she called her great-grandmother) false teeth right out of her Nanny's mouth and stuck them into her own mouth. Ew. But she wasn't around other little babies and toddlers to do that same type of  nasty junk with, which I believe is part of the reason that I didn't have to deal with so many of these contagious-as-hell, spreads-like-wildfire diseases. By the time my daughter started going to daycare, she was also going to school because she was at that age, and school-agers tend to be in the phase when they have learned at least a little about personal boundaries (at least mine had). I mean, we had the big lice horror, but for the most part, we missed a lot of the other infectious diseases, such as pink-eye.
   Which I am eternally grateful, because just because my daughter missed the whole pink-eye mess doesn't mean that I ended up with no experience with the illness. While my sister and I were living together, her kids were going into daycare, and they were in that fun I'm-gonna-touch-all-of-your-germs toddler stage. My niece caught pink-eye a lot. Pink-eye is one of the most gross diseases that I have come in contact with. For me, there is nothing nastier that eye-boogers. My child was not one of those kids that ran around with a nasty face - I cleaned that shit up. Eye buggers make me gag. So friggin' gross.
    But sometimes you can't really help that your kid catches these things. There is not a whole lot you can do. My sister was constantly after her kids, "Wash your hands! Don't touch other kids' faces! Keep your hands to yourselves!" But contact happens, and is even understandable in some cases, such as a bunch of overly friendly toddlers playing together.
   When is contact not acceptable? When you've gone and slimed an entire grocery store with your eye-boogers. That is not acceptable; that is foul. This rant is brought to you today by the woman who was picking at her kid's pink-eye right in the grocery check-out line. This rant is brought to you by the woman who was putting her hands all up in her kid's disease and then putting those same, eye-booger covered, infected hands aaaaaalllllll over the debit card reader's pin pad. This rant is brought to you by the woman who then, because she split her payment, handed me germ infested cash. That is not okay. I know that you need to take care of your kiddo, but please, do so in a way that does not actively aid the spread of the disease. Don't sit there and pick at their infection right in public, ignoring the fact that everyone around you is turning interesting shades of green.
    So of course, there was a hold up on register 8 this morning, because I had to disinfect EVERYTHING. I had no choice; we'd been slimed, and pink-eye spreads like wildfire. 

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