Thursday, August 22, 2013

Ocean Shores = Awesome

My daughter and myself at Ocean Shores. We did wade a lot.
   I was kinda wracking my brain for a prewritten post to schedule while I was one vacation. I want to keep content flowing while I am gone, but I also have to keep content flowing right now, so that is a lot of writing. But then I thought, well, last post I talked about Disney, so why not continue with a vacations past theme? I am not so sure that anyone wants to hear about all my vacations, but I love to go on vacation, so I am going to go for it. I plan for my vacations all year, because I need time to save money and request time off and all that good stuff. Sometimes, however, I cannot be so spend-y as to go to places like Yellowstone and Disney. I have to be mindful of budget at all times. Who doesn't? No one I know of; we are all being mindful of money right now.
   But there are often many places that you can go to that are nearby to you, and as such, aren't as costly. I have two nearby places that I love to go to: Ocean Shores and Mount Rainier. I love these places. They are great places to go and relax and they are obviously very different. Washington is great like that; there are many diverse places to go, we have mountains, oceans, and even a temperate rain forest! (It's near Forks, haha! You can see the home of the Sparkle Fairies while you are there.) I haven't been to the rain forest yet, but I have tentative plans to go, in the far, far future. (Not that far!)
    The last vacation I went on a vacation, I went to Ocean Shores. I went with my mom and my daughter; my sister couldn't come. She didn't have vacation time, so we want to go again when she can come. My sister is zany, and we miss the zany loudness that is signature to her personality. But my mom and I had a great time.
    Pretty much, we got to our hotel at Ocean Shores, and we parked, and we didn't leave. I love the beach, but if you are used to the beaches at Florida, or along the Southern areas, where I originally come from, then you do need to understand that Northern beaches do seem to be different, from my experience. The water is not the same color and the sand is different, and there are more rocks and plant-life and not so much vast sandy shores of white or yellow sand. Plus, the water is cold. REALLY FREAKING COLD.
    Nevertheless, the beach is beautiful, and Ocean Shores is really awesome, so I am not saying all this to downplay the beach here. I am just saying different: not saying yuck. The beach here is so awesome, and the birds that you can see are amazing. We saw so many ocean birds! A lot of pelicans and seagulls and little birds that I don't know the name for and they were all eating crab. We would go walk the beach every single morning as the tide went in, and these huge crabs would get caught in the tide pools. Then the birds would come get the crabs and smash them on rocks or hard ground, and they would feast. All the birds were really fat, and I was really jealous. I love crab. With all that crab-eating going on around me, I ended up ordering crab dishes for most of my meals. Soooo good.
I thought the pelicans were so neat to watch.
    I didn't want to go in the water at first. You don't see a whole lot of people getting in the water at Ocean Shores. The water is cold, and it's also rough. But my daughter really wanted to, so we let her. Then the next thing I know, my mom was in the damn water. I was like, "MOM!" I wasn't expecting her to get in. But that is my mom for you; never think that you can predict what she is going to do. She went out pretty far too, which worried me, because my daughter went with her, and I have made my helicopter mom disease no secret. I was nervous; they laughed at me. My mom is a bad influence, but you can't exactly scold your mother, so sometimes I just find myself suffering. I do not suffer in silence, however. Then she retaliates by bringing up all the crazy and wild stuff that I did, and then I like to bring up the fact that she grounded me when I did that stuff, and in fact, she still sometimes threatens to ground both me and my sister, even though we are adults.
   But this was a very relaxing vacation. My mom has the corner on stressful jobs; she is an oncology nurse, so she really needs the destressing time, but I can use this time as well. Getting away from the daily routine and away from all the stress is really something that we all need to do every once in a while.

This is a really beautiful and relaxing beach.

Here is the link (in blue) to the City of Ocean Shores, if you might be interested in planning your own trip or just looking at info. 

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