Tuesday, January 20, 2015

It Is What It Is

   It's been a few months, right? My computer finally just crapped out on me. And there was all that holiday stuff going on. Sometimes when I'm juggling all the tasks and crap that I have to do, I can manage to keep all the balls up in the air... Other times a few of the balls get dropped. When it became a massive struggle to just keep my computer from crashing for just 5 measly minutes, this blog became one of the balls that fell to the floor. THUD.
   That's life sometimes. Being a single mom is not easy. Not that being any kind of a parent is ever easy. But it is what it is. And after a while, you pick the shit you dropped on the floor up and you keep on keeping on. And that's what this post is. Have you ever written a blog post on the little mini IPad that your daughter got from Grandma on Christmas? An IPad that you snuck out from under her as she slept? (Yeah, not kidding there, this kid was cuddling with it like it was a damn teddy bear.) Well, I have. And this little hunt and peck that I'm having to do with the onscreen keyboard is going to insure that my first post after a three month break is a short one. But never fear. She has some kind of wireless keyboard that goes with the biatch (and I just had a major fight with autocorrect to keep biatch as biatch and not batch) and I'm gonna get that sucker charging ASAP.
   At any rate, hopefully everybody had great holidays. Next up - (giggling manically) tax season. Have fun with that BS. Mine are done, and just waiting to be accepted. May the tax gods -  otherwise known as the IRS - be kind to this little tax payer and not audit me this year. It's happened once, and once was enough, even though it turned out I was in the clear. Oh well. My catch phrase lately seems to be a long drawn out sigh and the phrase 'it is what it is.' Just one of those things. We all have to deal sometimes. And right now, I'm dealing with the atrocity that is this IPad's autocorrect. Good grief. 

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