Saturday, April 5, 2014

My Sister's Freaky-Deaky Laundry Room

   My sister and I had another scary movie sleep over the other night and we had it at her apartment; having sleep overs at her apartment is something I am seriously beginning to question. The logic behind having most of our sleep overs at her apartment rather than mine is that I have a one bedroom apartment with limited sleeping space, and her rather roomier apartment has a multitude of extra beds, including a trundle bed that pulls out from under her bed and two couches that convert into mattresses. I have a futon and an air mattress, so her sleeping arrangements are often more comfortable as well. So logically speaking, her apartment is the better one to have sleep overs in when we are doing our scary movie thing, and scaring the crap out of ourselves and each other.
    However, I am not a logical person; I admit this freely, and the problem I have with her apartment is this: her apartment is very clearly haunted, and mine is not. We can all sleep in my apartment on the floors, and be free of ghosts and demons; that is my logic. I wanna live, dammit.
   How did I come to this conclusion about her apartment, you may be asking. This conclusion is from over a year's worth of careful observation. You see, when she first moved into that apartment, I didn't go into her home with preconceived notions, but after the first time I slept over, I had woken often, on my nice, comfy full sized couch bed, with the feeling that something had been standing over me. I don't know why I felt that way, but I did, and I didn't get much sleep. Of course, I did brush this off at first, because the entire reason that I stay over at my sister's apartment is so that we can watch horror films. I was paranoid because of what we had just watched, right?
   Wrong. When I joked about my feelings on facebook, making fun of myself as I often do, a friend who had once lived in the exact same building as my sister told me that family members of hers had seen and sensed things in that building. (singsong-voice --->) FREAKY!!!
   But whatever, you know. Almost every building in this complex probably has some kind of history; these buildings are old, that's why they are cheaper than every other complex in this area. Be that as it may, this complex does not have any kind of a disturbing, paranormal reputation, so I figured we were good. People talk; if there was some really freaky shit going on in one of these buildings, we would know.
   Still, my sister would complain to me about seeing things out of the corner of her eye, but when she would look directly, nothing would be there. She would hear things in the hall at night, but her kids would be in bed, things like that. You know, common shit that you see in every single cliche haunting movie. So I really couldn't decide whether or not we were just spooking each other. Active imaginations can feed off of one another, and we both have very active imaginations that we are feeding constantly with supernatural horror movies. Of course we are seeing shit. If we stopped watching horror movies, we would stop seeing crap out of the corners of our eyes, a problem that I do not have in my own apartment, but still.
    The thing that really pushed me over the edge was when we were leaving to go on our Yellowstone vacation last summer. I had stayed the night at her house the night before we left for that vacation, because we wanted to get an early start, and I figured that this would be easier if we were just all at the same place in the morning. Less travel, you know? My sister had someone who was going to come over during that time to take care of her guinea pig, so she wanted me to set our dirty clothes in the laundry room so that they would be out of the way when the person came over, which I did, no problem. However, when we came back from our trip, I went over to pick up our overnight stuff from her apartment, and I could not open the door. The door knob felt like someone was holding on to it from the other side, and pull as I might, I could not get the door open, and it felt for all the world like someone was pulling on the door from the other side!
    That's all the convincing that I need. I left my stuff; that old haunt wants some dirty overnight clothes, it can have them. I hate laundry; I am sure as hell not gonna die for it. I WILL BUY NEW SHIT. If the ghost/demon/whatever wants some nasty, dirty clothes, who am I to say no? It can have them.
    I still go over there, although I have made stronger attempts to have any sleepovers held at my own apartment. When I do go over there, all the kids sleep together in one room, and I make my sister sleep in whatever room that I am in; we use the buddy system. No one goes anywhere alone! And I make sure that the damn laundry room door is shut. I can't handle looking into that room.
   But if any of us ever start exhibiting signs of possession, that laundry room needs to be investigated first. 

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