Thursday, January 23, 2014

Fevers Are Gross

   Been feeling a little down these last few days. I think that this is due mostly to the fact that I am sick. My immune system hasn't been worth a shit for a long time now; if you even think about sneezing around me I am sure to catch a cold, but I do have to say  I rarely ever run a fever. I have been running a fever the last two days.
   Fevers are gross; I keep breaking out into those nasty fever sweats and I am all clammy and disgusting. I get positive that I stink as well even though my daughter insists that "You smell fine, Mom, geez." I still can't help taking multiple showers because I feel so grimy. I do not like being sick. Sick = gross. I am over this fever crap.
   Still, even with this fever, I have had stuff that had to be done. My Christmas stuff was still up; I meant to take all that down over my last set of days off, but due to my suck immune system that repeatedly fails me, I was sick then too. So I thought, I'll just wait until I am healthy. The tree really isn't hurting anyone; it's fake so I don't have to worry about a dead tree sitting in the middle of my living room, so all's good, right? If I kept waiting until I was healthy though, that tree would probably still be up come next Christmas. So I got my feverish ass up out of bed and took the tree down.
   Then there is the fact that sick or not, I still have to get up out of bed to get my daughter ready for school. Working in retail means that I rarely get an actual weekend off; my weekends tend to fall during the weekday. Which means that I have to get up at 5 in the a. m. to get the kiddo ready for school. One of the reasons that I enjoy her school vacations so much is due to the fact that these consist of the few times when I can actually hope to sleep in a little. She's getting into those tween years, which means two things: she is getting to the age where she herself likes to sleep in a little, and also that she is old enough to get her own bowl of cereal if I am not up yet. But as I said, only when she is on vacation from school, so I've been up at 5 every morning in spite of being sicker than a dead dog.
I actually have the frog one. No joke. 
   Really, do moms ever get to actually stay in bed and be sick when they are sick? I know of very few of them who actually do. We all have too much crap to do. And of course I should be in bed RIGHT NOW instead of writing this post, which is only going to cause me, in a few days time when I go back and read over it with a brain that is NOT warped by fever, to roll my eyes in horror at myself. BUT- I've been having fever sweats off and on for two days in my bed. My blankets are gross. So I am breaking all the 'silent time' rules of my apartment complex and washing my blankets at midnight because I can't sleep in them. Marie: pissing all the neighbors off since childhood. But my blankets are gross. Overusing that word, but really, no better word to use here; I really hate fevers. 

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