Wednesday, October 9, 2013

School Clothes And Halloween Costumes

   In previous years, my daughter was much more laid back about clothes shopping. Laid back as in she really didn't want to be there and would rather be doing something more fun. So I would drag her around to all these stores, and would have to pick out her clothes for her. Which meant that she vetoed all the black stuff that I naturally gravitated towards but gave the go-ahead on all the glitter-crusted brightly colored creations that I typically avoid like the plague, but I would pick these things for her because clothes shopping is not my true love either and I wanted to be done quickly. Then we would go to GameStop and drool over video games (and usually we left with something too.)
  So this year I was somewhat surprised when the time for school clothes shopping came, because the minute we got into the mall (which has really sucked since all the book stores were closed) my daughter was on a mission. She was going through those clothing racks with a determination that I had never seen before in her pertaining to clothing. I was gobsmacked, to say the least. And she was picking items of clothing that before, she would have never had the option of, because I would never have picked a neon yellow and pink shirt with leather sleeves. Uh-huh, no way, not happening. But she was dead set on having that shirt, and she didn't care that my eyes were bleeding. And that's one of her favorite shirts now; she gets many compliments from you strange, strange people. I am never going to understand fashion.
   Her little ass has suddenly become uber-picky about what she wears, and that became apparent in this year's search for her Halloween costume. She drove me nuts; she didn't like anything I showed her. NOTHING!!! I got so frustrated that I finally told her that if she didn't pick one, we just wouldn't go trick-or-treating this year. She is getting older anyway, and I surely don't mind not tromping around in the rain, knocking on strangers' doors. Skipping that was fine by me, not that I imagined she would ever agree to skip trick-or-treating, but I thought the threat would spur her into making a choice.
   Well, she wasn't going to skip, and gave me massive guilt trips for even suggesting this, but she didn't pick either. I was at my wits end; I know this child wasn't expecting me to make something? The last thing I tried to make was a skirt, waaaaaay back in my junior high days, and the damn thing fell apart while I was wearing it; nightmares DO come true. But she wasn't expecting me to make the costume, thankfully. Just turns out that she hadn't found what she wanted yet. She found that this morning. She is going to be a butterfly; all this trouble for a damn butterfly costume. Whatever, child.
   All I know is this little fashionista is wearing me out. I wasn't expecting this. I was all prepared for boy drama and smart mouths and teenage rebellion; no one warned me that she would turn into a manic clothing critic who had to have her wardrobe and costumes 'just right'. The one thing that hasn't changed about her clothing attitude is that she still refuses to wear white socks. Ones with colors and designs are much better -- who knew???

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